Welcome to Minho a land of hospitable people and unique landscapes, this journey into such a wonderful region aims to introduce you to this part of the real Portugal. Away from the crowded places we will spend our day driving through rural roads crossing mountains and valleys, tinted by a myriad of colors splashed by dozens of little villages still untouched where people keeps living in the same way they used to do many years ago.

You will have the chance to visit some of this tiny villages and grab the opportunity to learn more about the way people lives getting to know the traditions and fall in love with the unique landscapes all day long. Being a private tour totally made at your pace it is up to you to choose where stay longer at the end of the day what really matter is your happiness.

The tour starts in your hotel heading to one of the first Portuguese town, Ponte de Lima and from there to the border of Gerês National Park always crossing some of the nicest roads of the Northern Portugal we will visit the award winning village of Sistelo as well as many high eye points that exist all over the way, don’t forget your camera we can assure that your photo library will have a great improvement.