Why simply visit our nice country as a tourist when you can truly experience it?

Exploring on a walking holiday is a great way to have a more in-dept knowledge of the surrounds to get closer to the people and have a real feel about Portugal.

All our hiking tours are fully customizable in order to provide you a one of a kind experience only have to choose the length, the pace and even the landscape, from a hiking in a rural area crossing tiny villages where you can see people living as they use to do in old days to a more demanding one across the nice mountains of Northern Portugal we have a dozens of different hikes for you.

Have you ever ear to talk about Gerês our first and still only National Park, Cabreira Mountain, Alvão Natural Park or Marão Mountain? They may be just names for you but believe it they are some of the best hiking spots in Portugal. Feel free to talk with us about witch one is more appropriate for you we will send you photos as well as all the information you need to choose and that maybe will going to be you biggest problem.