LT Tours proudly welcomes you to Guimarães, considered as the cradle of the Portuguese Nationality, this nice and peaceful town has a lot more to offer you than you can imagine.

Since 2001 UNESCO World Heritage Site Guimarães always knew how to preserve it´s ancient legacy without ever stop to look at the future and that´s why in 2012 became European Culture Capital and in 2013 European Capital of Sport among other recognitions and international prizes.

Having one of the nicest historical centres in Portugal, Guimarães has many reasons to stay here for more than one day you can taste the traditional Portuguese food in one of the many good restaurants; have a drink in a terrace surrounded by historical buildings or just hanging around in the tiny little streets without the tourist´s crowds that you find in many other cities.

As you are here, why not take the opportunity to know better this area of Minho Region and and the uses and customs of it´s people?

Since old times, people use to go to the high places in the surrounding hills to pray in the small church´s build there they believe this way they where closer to God, historians says that this habits are also due to the ancient wars between tribes when people take shelter in those places to escape from the invaders.

LT Tours invites you to know the most important of those places in the hills surrounding Guimarães, we will take you in a pleasant tour through roads and some tracks leading you to viewpoints allowing you to enjoy an amazing and different city view as well as give you a glimpse of rural Minho Region and the main mountains around, in the way back to city we will visit the imposing São Torcato sanctuary.