Gerês one of the nature greatest gifts to the Northern Portugal. 

Covering an area from about 72.000Km2 it’s composed from four mountains Gerês, Soajo, Amarela and Peneda here we can find about one hundred small granitic villages that keep the appearance and lifestyle as same as it was in the past.

In 1971 it was the first area classified as National Park and it stills the only one in Portugal until our days beside the many animal and vegetal species some of then endemic that you can find in those amazing mountains there are also a lot of other great reasons to make a visit to Gerês.

LT Tours will drive you through winding roads that crosses mountains and valleys to take you to some of the best scenarios you can find, from small villages that seems to be stopped in time to amazing waterfalls ending in idyllic clear water lagoons to viewpoints with breath-taking landscapes we will do all our best to take you to the most secret and quiet spots.